Mahasankara Matrimony

Mahasankara Matrimony 6 month Anniversary

Dear Customer,

Hara hara sankara , jaya jaya sankara!

Today we are celebrating our 6 month anniversary at Mahasankara Matrimony and we wanted to take this opportunity to humbly thankyou for your immense support and best wishes. We started off in a very small way on the 14th of April this year and in the six months, with a lot of hard work and commitment we have able to facilitate 30+ marriages.

We have always tried to take the path shown to us by our beloved guru MahaPeriyava and we hope and pray to continue to do it better in the years to come.

On this occasion our founder - P. Swaminathan has setup a video message for you. Please use this link :

Also attached is a flyer with a list of accomplishments that we felt we needed to share with you, our customers.

With Warm Regards,

The Mahasankara Matrimony Team